Investing in the well-being of young adults.


ECH will equip young adults ages 18-24 years old with the needed skills to be a contributing members of society.

As a community, we need to address the fact that young adults age out of foster care each year not ready to deal life’s challenges. Many find themselves homeless, involved in the legal system or become parents too early. Our vision is to essentially eradicate homelessness in young adults aging out of foster care. The organization has acquired property from its founder, but we DESPERATELY need to raise $35,000 for the down payment in order to build a four bedroom house. By raising this money, we can create a home and give these young people a fighting chance to be exemplary adults, pillars of our communities, and future leaders of this great country. This house will be their safe Haven! Note: ECH is a charitable organization, every donated dollar is eligible to receive a tax-deductible donation and also we have awesome perks for those who help us raise the funds.

Once accepted into the program, students will take up temporary residence in one of the organization's housing facilities. These facilities will include separate houses for males and females; with each house containing four bedrooms for a total of six to eight students per house. Initially, a house will be built on an acquired property by the organization. Fundraising efforts are sought through grants, individual donors, and corporate sponsors. 

The organization provides a three tier life coaching program during each participant's stay. The S.H.E.L.B.Y. (Striving to Help, Encourage and Lead by Building our Youth) Life Coaching Program offers the following:

1. Life Skills​Management of the home, time, and money.

2. Interpersonal Development: Participation in peer support groups, overcoming unhealthy habits, improving emotional awareness, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. 

3. Leadership Training: Enhancement of critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, and effective decision-making skills.

The curriculum is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of each student, depending  on their individual circumstance.

                           OUR PROGRAM     

​                          HOUSING PROJECT


ECH's mission is to empower and develop the future leaders of this country by instilling 



​                    WHO WE ARE

Elex Children’s Haven, Inc., is a non-profit economic and social service corporation. ECH wants to change the mindset of our communities one by one. 

The organization provides transitional residential services for young adults preparing to age out of the foster care system while also offering mentoring, life skills, and leadership coaching. By providing these services, ECH helps to prepare these individuals for a successful transition into independent living.


ECH will essentially eradicate homelessness in young adults aging out of foster care.